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~you have been warned~


Bengal Animal print 1 piece strapless stretch jumpsuit




West coast 2013 spring & summer collection


small fits usa size 4-7


(please do not go up a size thinking this is one of those lesser expensive jumpsuits)


please view our entire line of jumpsuits will be impressed!



Bengal Tiger


can your wild side be tamed?....i think not!


wearing this one piece stretch jumpsuit you will definetely dominate your prey & the night


ambush your prey in plain sight


designer west coast collection presents to you


"the animal print collection"




***warning for all good looking men***


~ female bengal tiger behavior~


in a single smooth action 92% skin caressing soft to the touch polyester she will "stalk" you out


she will "charge" you with the chic bold print of this outfit... she'll break her cover in a few sexy strides


with an "amazing 8% spandex" she's built to edure !


struggle and she will continue to "spring" on you with a crushing embrace


long strong legs promoting the 33" inseam ready for some of the highest of heels


now it's time for the "kill" one strapless deadly bite to the neck!


although she's reputed to be fiercely solitary


the female bengal tiger simply needs a lot of space


so back the heck up ....and give her room to hunt


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