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The Original Foxxx 

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~one notorious feline she is~


kicking off the west coast swagg


2013 Spring & Summer Collection

size large fits usa 11-14...last one in stock!!


this is one feline you won't be saying here kitty,kitty,kitty

standback & let her do her own thing



beware the diva wearing this sexy as all get out outfit is an opportunist

don't let your guard down ..she's on the hunt for fresh meat


she doesn't need a reason or a season to be sexy

is she durable?... hecks yes...afterall she's moving easily and swiftly


with an amazing 8% spandex


oh my , she's so soft to the touch


if you can get close to her safely...her coat is 92% skin caressing polyester


i hope you bring something to tame her & quick


cause once she stands up


she's working with a 33" inseam ready for the highest of heels


she's notorious for stealth


thats what happens when you get some west coast quality

the feline wearing this hottie...can truly adjust to all habitats


from dinner aboard a cruiseship, to the casino's ,to a mind blowing erotic encounter in the wild


and definetely anything in between


this hot strutting the red carpet halter jumpsuit


will have your prey watching your every move


all night long


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